Athletic Extreme Advanced PCT

  • Post cycle therapy designed to restore the delicate hormonal balance and prevent muscle loss after any hormonal anabolic cycle. FACT: You hormones are completely out of balance during and after any anabolic cycle, and in many cases your body is no longer producing normal levels of its own natural testosterone potentially leading to losses in muscle and libido. Advanced PCT utilizes the all natural flavone 7-methoxyflavone (7-MF). 7-methoxyflavone (7-MF) however is NOT to be confused with 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone (aka methoxyISOflavone). You may remember methoxyISOflavone as the plant extract that was locked up in a 30 year patent which finally expired in 1997. Fed to livestock it provided powerful anabolic effects, yet failed miserably when used by athletes trying to achieve the same. 7-MF is an all natural ingredient with strong aromatase inhibiting properties, superior bioavailability, and strong resistance to hepatic metabolism/breakdown.
  • You may have seen other aromatase inhibitors on the market, most of which have a steroidal structure to them. So how does 7-MF compare to traditional aromatase inhibitors? Let's find out. IC50 values represent the concentration of an ingredient that is required to inhibit 50% of a biological process. In this case, that biological process is the aromatase enzyme. Thus, the less you need, the more potent an ingredient is said to be. In addition, on the IC50 value scale the lower the number the more potent the ingredient. The IC50 value scale in fact ranges up into the hundreds. 7-MF has an IC50 value of 2-9µM (1), and is more specifically suggested to have an IC50 value of 1.18 µM (2). That is incredibly low, suggesting that 7-MF is very powerful. In fact, one of the most powerful AI's that is available over the counter has a higher IC50 value than 7-MF, clearly giving 7-MF the upper hand. Now that is impressive for a natural AI, which is why we believe it is more than capable of holding its own and rivaling the power of old-school AIs.Another common measurement used is the K(i) value, used to measure the binding affinity of an inhibitor. Binding affinity is how strongly an ingredient binds to another can help to think of binding affinity as how "sticky" it is...such as Duct tape Vs. Scotch is stickier thus binds to objects better than the other. In this case, binding affinity refers to how strongly 7-MF binds to the aromatase enzyme. Traditional and steroidal-structured AI's used in other testosterone boosters have a K(i) "sticky" value that ranges from 0.18µM to 2.00 µM . 7-MF has a K(i) sticky value of 1.9 µM . Thus, not only can 7-MF hold it's own against traditional AI's, but it is 100% natural and non-steroidal, giving 7-MF the dominant edge over old-school anti-estrogens.
  • Ships to UK mainland in 3-5 business days.To Europe in 5-7 business days and internationally within 10 business days. Please see our shipping policy for further details on UK mainland areas and if any further costs may apply. Free Shipping is offered on all orders over £75 and finance is available.


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