Why You Can Trust Us!

Crazy Shred ltd has been founded by friends and business partners Martin and JP who are seasoned pros in the fitness field.

Martin is a member of the UKBFF and regularly competes in bodybuilding competitions whilst JP is a fitness instructor and between them they have a combined experience of over 40 years in the health and fitness industry.

Tired of all the websites and online stores offering 1000s of poor quality products with limited or incorrect advice being doled out Martin and JP decided to set up Crazy Shred, an online shopping experience dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. At Crazy Shred we have selected the very best products from apparel and equipment, fitness tech to high quality supplements. We have kept the choice limited to only the very  best products, particularly within the supplement categories to help you make more informed and easier choices. We have created a one stop shop for all of your fitness needs and we are regularly searching out new and innovative products to help make hitting your goals easier.

We have tried and tested all of the supplements and equipment on offer so know what we are talking about, we will be on hand to advise you on the correct combinations needed to help you achieve your goals and if there is something we don’t offer but you want we will be able to get it for you, just ask any of the friendly team here at Crazy Shred.

Wether you are looking to shred fat and get lean, maintain your physique, stack on muscle or just look good at the gym or on holiday you've landed in the right place.

Let us, Martin, JP and the team help you achieve your fitness goals. We are so confident in our website and expertise that we will even help train you! Yes that's right we offer free work out and diet plans and are happy to help you along your way in any way we can, just like having your very own personal trainer!

Get in touch for your personalised work out and diet plan Now, Click HERE!

 All of our apparel has been sourced from trusted suppliers across the globe, please rest assured that whilst these items can take longer to be delivered they all adhere to modern anti slavery law and are from reputable sources where workers are looked after.

Our Supplements are all top brands and from UK suppliers, delivery is swift. We produce all of our own SARMs from our labs and premises here in the UK so we know these are the best in the UK! Delivery of these are even swifter.

Any purchase you make with us is honoured, we have a clear returns policy and we will always do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction. Just contact us if there is anything you need to know or if we can assist in any way.

Happy Shopping and Stay Fit!