What Supplements are best?

August 06, 2019

What Supplements are best?

At CrazyShred we try to keep it simple for you selecting only the best and most necessary supplements available on the market today.

Lets start with the main ingredient for muscle growth, health and fitness - Protein!

Protein is ESSENTIAL to build muscle. Yes you can get protein from whole food sources like meats, eggs, and greek yogurt, but there comes a point where it’s hard get the adequate amount of protein you need from whole foods. Protein powders are typically a cheaper and easier alternative to carrying around chicken breasts to eat after a workout.

Please don’t carry around chicken breasts to hit your protein goals…

There are a ton of different protein powder options out there, and it can be pretty overwhelming. Plant protein, whey protein, casein protein, pea protein, hemp protein. You name it, it’s out there.

However let us be clear the products we offer on this website are the best. CrazyShred.Com protein

That's because all the protein powders we offer are either isolated or hydrolyzed or both. this means they have been filtered to within an inch of their metaphoric lives, meaning they are the purest and most high in, erm well, protein you can find. Do the research and you will find a lot of the cheaper option out there have not been through this process and are in fact just from concentrate. Read the small print and you will find that the actual percentage of protein per g is low like 60% or less. 

Furthermore our proteins, as well as having high protein content, are much more quickly absorbed by the body meaning even better results for your muscle synthesis. Again lesser products would not have this effect.

Check out our beef isolates for dairy free and super high quality protein! 

Generally we recommend Protein solutions that are low in carbs in fat and thats because we recommend using our selection of SARMs for bulking purposes, this can be done without the need of excess calories enabling you to stack on the muscle without any unnecessary fat gain. Also keeping the calories down in your shakes enables you to be able to eat more proper food, a result at meal times, go on treat yourself!

On to pre work outs. Again the selection found on CrazyShred should be all you need and they do vary in intensity from blow your head off % Nutrition and Dorian Yates versions to more beginner friendly ABE or Dymatize Energy. They all provide a caffeine hit and can generally leave you feeling energised and ready for your day hours after your work out. We recommend using them in cycles,-  weeks at most as your body will become used to the effects, and then on the next cycle change brand to mix things up a bit.

BCAAs or branch-chain amino acids are becoming more and more popular within the fitness community. Basically they help prevent the breakdown of muscles by keeping the body in  an anabolic state. They increase the rate of protein synthesis in the muscles and increase the cell’s capacity for protein synthesis. So all in all it’s a win-win situation when it comes to BCAAs.

The only other essential supplements we recommend are Omega/ Fish oils and multi vitamins.

This is because as you train more you deplete your bodies store house of nutrients, so whilst a suitable and healthy diet goes without saying, a good dose of healthy DHA/EHA enriched omega's and multi vitamins are a must.

Fish oils will also help with good body composition, as will all healthy fats. Whilst this wont happen over night, it will happen if you put the work in. Taking healthy fats encourages your body to use FAT as its primary energy source, get this right and you will be a ripped up, shredded machine before you know it. Get it wrong and you may little a little heavier than normal in the mirror!

Our team at CrazyShred, as well as being fitness fanatics are mostly qualified personal trainers and nutritionists, therefore we are walys more than happy to help and advise you toward your fitness goals. Please use the contact form to get your free work out and diet plan now! CONTACT US for FREE CONSULTATION.

 So to conclude you need:

- A healthy dose of protein and BCAAs

- SARMs will get you ripped and lean quicker than any other supplements on the market at the moment

- Use a pre work out to supercharge your work outs, but keep cycles short and mix it up

- Fish oils or OMEGA tabs and multi vitamins are a must

- Use any of our fat burners to supercharge a cutting phase!


Remember at Crazy Shred we are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals!