Top Personal Training Tips Whilst On Holiday!

August 26, 2019

Top Personal Training Tips Whilst On Holiday!

As I write this blog post I’m sitting on a very nice veranda overlooking a fabulous view here in the south of France! I felt inspired to share some of my favourite hacks to keeping fit whilst on holiday. That’s of course if you want to, maybe you just want to relax while on holiday and that’s just fine, your body of course needs rest but, if like me, you like to keep your hand in this post will help you do just that without the need of any or very little equipment!

Are you the sort of person that gets fitter or fatter whilst on holiday?

If anything like me, probably the latter as I like to enjoy myself whilst on holiday. The main thing that changes for me is of course the diet. The one thing I don’t want to do when away is count calories. Therefore I make a deal with myself that I will train most days to help curb the extra calories and create some calorific burn whilst also reminding my metabolism that I’m still alive!

Don't get me wrong, I think,  no actually I KNOW the body needs rest and let’s face it that’s the whole point of a holiday, a break from the normal routine so here’s my first point: Take your time away as the perfect opportunity to mix up your training a bit. This way it’s new to your body and just this alone will mean your body will be burning more calories than normal as it tries to adapt to the new exercises.

Top tip number 1:

Find a hill. Yep that’s right a steep slope of any kind will do and one that you can run up and down. Hill training is known by many as one of the best forms of cardio training as it enables you to mimic interval training. Any exercise that takes your heart rate right up, followed by a rest period to allow you to get your breath back is absolutely mega for quick and hard, down right dirty work outs.

A half hour each morning of hill training and your done. Follow this with a cool off in a pool and job done.

Depending on the length of the hill a good number to aim for is 10. That’s 10 sprints up followed by the 10 jogs down to catch your breath.

Alternatively if you mainly just do gym and weights at home and the only kind of cardio you normally do is on a treadmill why not do a bit of running. Just bring some running trainers with you, put them on and no matter where you are in the world you can just go. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to train while on holiday, I often just head off in any direction and explore. You don’t have to run a marathon and there’s no need to time yourself, leave all that for the proper training at home, just go at your own pace and enjoy it. No pressure!

Top tip number 2:

Bring a skipping rope.

Now I said no or little training equipment and I think you’ll agree that a skipping rope is hardly going to break the baggage allowance at check in!

So if your not into hill training or running this could be the thing. Skipping is hands down one of the best ways to keep fit with a minimum of fuss. You don’t need loads of space and it’s not complicated. Just find a nice spot preferably outside and just skip on the spot. Maybe your a pro or maybe you’ve never done it before but either way it represents a great option while away.

You can even do this in your hotel room if there are no options outside, or what about the beach if you have one nearby just jog down to the beach and do your skipping work out.

I would aim for 5-10 mins of continual skipping and maybe do 2-3 sets per work out. They say, and sorry I haven’t got the scientific facts with me here but ‘they’ do say that 10 mins of continual skipping is equivalent to 30 minutes of running.

So easy to do, limited equipment and space required and nice and short sharp work outs - yes please!


Top tip number 3:

Body weight exercises.

So if you haven’t got access to a gym while on holiday why not do some drills that require only your own body weight to do. This is one of my favourite types of training and to be honest the main way I train myself in the uk anyway. It’s all very well being able to bench press twice your body weight but how many pull ups can you do?

In my view it’s more important how well you can handle your own body weight than how much you can bench press.

The best exercises are:

Press ups, Sit ups, Burpees, Navy seals, Squats, Jump Squats, Alternating jumping squats and if you can find somewhere to do pull ups then pull ups.

Just take about 4 or 5 of the above exercises or ones that you prefer and do each for about 2 minutes. Rest 60-90 seconds in between exercises and do 2 or 3 sets.

Alternatively do what I call the 50/50/50 work out or if feeling extra on it it’s the 100/100/100. That’s 50 press ups followed by 50 sit ups followed by 50 burpees, or the 100 version is just obviously 100 reps instead of 50. 2 mins rest and go again, 3 sets. I can assure you after this you will feel like you’ve done an hour plus of weights down your favourite gym at home!

To conclude on body weight fitness, it’s cheap and easy and perfect for when you are away as you just need a simple bit of space, again this could even be in your hotel room but preferable do on the beach or in fresh air. You can even make up your own stuff, as long as you get a bit of a sweat on and you supercharge your metabolism for the day ahead, who cares what order or what exercises you actually perform.

Top tip number 4:

Have fun in the sun.

So it’s likely if you are on holiday that you have a pool and that you are by the sea so have a beach. These are all great places to have fun whilst also having a bit of a work out. Having a change from your normal routine is what it’s all about really so let your imagination run wild. Come up with your own routine that gives your muscles a stretch and gets you a bit hot and sweaty.

Perhaps you can play beach volleyball, beach tennis or even table tennis at the hotel?

 I appreciate you are probably not going to have an Olympic size pool to swim in but if you can do some lengths in there, get down early and smash out a few before it’s gets too busy.

Perhaps there are beach sports and water sports you can get involved with. All these things represent ways you can keep your body in motion and therefore burning calories whilst also having fun. It’s a win win!

Top tip number 5:

Stretch like a yoga master!

Maybe you can even try a new thing like yoga while you are away, perhaps there’s a class you can go to or they do things like this at the hotel.

Either way make sure you have a good set of stretch exercises to start each day. Whether you follow this with some of the work out options above is up to you but having a good stretch routine is paramount to keeping a good base fitness whilst also helping to keep you supple.

Pilates fans will know what I mean here. Just go onto YouTube and get yourself some basic moves that you can practice easily for 10 or so minutes every morning and you will feel great.

Good stretching is all about opening the body up and strengthening it simply, creating a good core strength which will serve you well for years to come.


Other top tips:

Enjoy yourself, your on holiday so whatever you do don’t beat yourself up if the above is not for you. At the end of the day it’s your life, if you just want to relax for for a couple of weeks then don’t sweat it, come back and get back into it in your own time. For me keeping my hand in means when I do come back I’m not a million miles away from getting back into top shape.

In terms of diet, well, like is said, who wants to be counting calories when on holiday but you can make some good choices. If your away chances are they will have loads of fresh and sumptuous local delicacies. Eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, don’t eat too much in the day then have a guilt free bloat out in the evenings. Drink plenty of water to offset the extra alcohol if you are drinking and if possible drink a lot of coconut water in the day, along with water to keep your electrolytes topped up.


For further top tips on training at home or while away why not contact us? Let us know how we can help!