Intermittent Fasting, Get The Lowdown

February 15, 2020

Intermittent Fasting, Get The Lowdown

Intermittent fasting, sometimes abbreviated as IF, is the idea that you only eat during a certain time window.

So, for example, some people might choose to only eat from 2pm-10pm. Some might choose to eat from 6pm-10pm. And some, more extreme people, might choose to only have ONE GIANT FEAST at the end of the day.

Most people find that restricting their meals from 2pm-10pm is sufficient to lose fat, however. This is what I would recommend doing.

IF is perhaps one of the best lifestyle tips in existence, for a number of reasons.

First off, you’ll burn fat fast as hell. If you wake up at 6AM and don’t eat until 2PM, your body is going to be burning a ton of calories during that time.

Second, you’ll have 8 straight hours of clear focus, where you aren’t distracted by having to go eat food. You can focus entirely on the tasks at hand.

Third, you can eat out at restaurants more, because the higher calorie content of restaurant food will actually help you hit your macros (since you aren’t eating earlier in the day you have to eat a lot later!).

Fourth, it’s good for you hormonally—IF has been shown to decrease insulin sensitivity, increase leptin (a fat burning hormone), and increase growth hormone.

Be sure that you have a strong cup of coffee, though—preferably a couple hours after you wake up.

That way, you can ride your body’s natural cortisol spike when you first wake up, and once you start to get hungry, the coffee will help suppress your appetite and keep you laser focused.