CrazyShred's Top Fat Loss Tips

September 06, 2019

CrazyShred's Top Fat Loss Tips

Stripping body fat can be hard, our bodies can be stubborn about letting it go which can be very annoying as I'm sure we all know. 

As we head firmly into the autumn and following the summer holidays maybe its time for a little fat burn? If so we've put together some top tips to help shred that fat and get you ready for, well erm, get you ready for Christmas where you'll put it all back on again (or maybe not this year;)


  • Make sure you are consuming enough protein, aim for 100g plus per day
  • Keep moving, aim for 10k plus steps a day. If you have an office job then take the stairs where possible. Go for a walk at lunch time, whatever just be intuitive about how you can make this happen
  • Weight train 2-4 times per week and go heavy. Weight training and building muscle BURNS calories and fires up your metabolism. As you gain muscle your bodies calorie requirement will go up
  • Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! Eat plenty of leafy greens and in season vegetables as that will help your metabolism and digestive system. Keep carbs low GI (avoid starchy carbs and go for things like quinoa instead), drink loads of water.
  • At the end of the day fat burn is all about calories in v calories burnt. You need to aim for a calorific deficit for a sustained amount of time to really see the results. Men aim for 2k and less per day, Ladies go for 1.5k and under as a guidline for the amount of calories you should aim for in order to lose weight
  • As well as the weight training throw in some high intensity cardio. HIIT training is perfect. Also get down with the kettle bells and if you don't use a gym then do some body weight exercise interspersed with sprints. This will keep you lean!
  • Don't overdue it. Rome wasn't built in a day, just get yourself into a good routine and stick with it for at least 6-8 weeks and you will see results
  • Sleep. This might be tricky for some but you should be getting a good 8 hours per night, fat burn takes place at night and the better you sleep the more efficiently your body will be able to shred that fat.

As well as these top tips you can always boost the process with one of our great fat burners and pre work outs, follow the links below to check out our range of top quality and recommended products.

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That said, remember that they are no substitute for hard work. Do the above, work at it and these supplements will help speed up the process. Eat clean, train hard, be happy, find a balance and above all be yourself. 

If you are not meant to be a skinny John or Mandy, who cares. If you are fit and keeping healthy and you feel good within yourself then that is the main thing. Allow your body to reach its most natural and comfortable weight and you will reap the benefits. You will be glowing and people will notice the change within you!