COVID-19 CrazyShred Update

April 01, 2020

COVID-19 CrazyShred Update

At CrazyShred fitness we believe in responsible selling and giving our customers the best quality supplements, products and information that we can.

For this reason we have taken all of our SARM range off sale for an indefinite, temporary period.

As you will be aware the Corona Virus that has taken us all by surprise and has changed the shape of the world in a matter of weeks, is a flu like virus that affects, not exclusively but in some considerably, the respiratory system.

We have always been honest about the nature of SARMs, we state clearly here on the website and on the packaging that SARMs are still in the research phase and essentially 'not fit for human consumption' based on this limited research. 

Although there is no evidence to suggest that SARMs are detrimental to the respiratory system, in fact there is evidence to suggest that Carderine boosts aerobic activity, we would prefer to be responsible at this time and not put the health of our valued customers at risk.

We hope you understand and wish you all the best health and fitness possible, always!

In the meantime please see our updated fitness equipment range to help you keep fit and stay in shape  at home during this lock down period. See the range HERE

As always please get in touch if we can assist in any way toward you achieving your fitness goals.

CrazyShred Fitness Team